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Welcome to beautiful Bali. We are located 32 km. From Rethymno and 42 km. From Heraklion. Than you can notice, this beachfront part is surrounded by a mountain bow and consists of four picturesque bays. In ancient times and was named Atalla the port of ancient Axos city and continued as an important port during the period of Venetian rule and Ottoman. During Ottoman rule, the area received this name. Word that the area was very honey rated Bali, meaning Melotopos from Bal - honey and il - place. From 1720 to 1957, our building was carob warehouse. In 1968 it was converted to a café, tavern was where it continues until today to offer fresh fish and delicious traditional dishes of the Cretan cuisine. We hope you enjoy hospitality of Bali and our tavern and keep these moments forever in your memory.

Address: Mpali

Post Code: 74057

Town: Rethymnon

County: Rethymnon

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Phone: 28340 94217


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