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.... Illegal 'Knot' was Manolis Kostakis because it was too short and, as a child They called him 'Komporozi' until the end remained the Knot. He was poor, shoemaker by profession, but poverty did not prevent him to be nothing devotee and reveler as few in his time. The taste was cause his house to be transit center after not passing Saturday to not gather all his friends to hear him playing bouzouki, eating, drinking and having fun ...

Eventually they decided to fiaxoun their own space. Manolis with the help of his friends, who They were financially well off, we set up a tavern in an orchard beyond the home ...

.... But after his death, for sentimental reasons they could no longer go to the tavern. His son, Dimitris, thought then to give up, but with a friend's encouragement of the continued.

But some elders who lived near, not tolerate the music so he decided to carry barely a vine that was below. With the help of friends of his father, he became a new beginning in the tavern again, which is situated in Atsipopoulo since 1968 and which now works his son Panagiotis with his family.
Address: Perikleous 343 - Violi Charaki

Post Code: 74100

Town: Rethymnon

County: Rethymnon

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